What Is Corrosion

Over time the coatings that protect buildings are worn down and suffer degradation by corrosion. Corrosion is degradation of a material due to interaction with its environment, primarily through oxidation or chemical action, and corrosion of most metals is inevitable. However like death and taxes, corrosion is something we all aim to avoid which is where BSP Contracts Ltd can help.

Deterioration of building surface materials can lead to expensive and time consuming maintenance work, which is why its important to take preemptive action to protect and repair building surfaces. BSP Contracts Ltd are roofing and painting contractor based in Ireland that specalise in remedial services for residential, industrial and commercial buildings such as:

  • Hotels
  • Structural Steelwork & Bridges
  • Schools
  • Oil Terminal Tanks
  • Hospitals
  • Galvanised Steel Guttering
  • Office Blocks
  • Wall & Roof Cladding
  • Shopping Centres
  • Cleaning & Powerhosing

We offer a range of services designed to stall and reverse the effects of corrosion in any buildings roof and walls. Our services can significantly increase the cost effectiveness of building materials by extending of their life expectancy.

Find out more about how BSP Contracts Ltd services can benefit your home or business with our range of treatments and protection services.

  • Industrial and Commercial Paint Treatments for long-term corrosion prevention
  • Cut Edge corrosion prevention and treatment for vulnerable cladding joints
  • Entire Surface corrosion prevention and treatment for large cladding areas
  • Roof Restoration Services at a fraction of the cost of re-roofing

To find out more about BSP roofing and painting contractors Ireland, please contact us on 028 3026 3792 (or 048 3026 3792 from the south of Ireland) or e-mail us at info@bspcontracts.com.