Cladding Maintenance

About Us

BSP Contracts Ltd is a national Coatings and Painting Contractor seeking large projects and are specialists in all types of Decoration and Industrial Painting work.

We specalise in:

  • 1. Remedial treatment of cladding, including treatment of cladding edges and joints.
    • Paint stripping and cladding coat re-spraying.
    • Repainting businesses premises to match corporate colours.
  • 2. Repainting of structural steel including SA2 1/2 and ST3 standards.
    • Power washing and sand blasting steel including bridges, oil tanks and general structural steel.
  • 3. Re–spraying slates and tile roofs to restore them to their original colour and condition.
  • 4. Decorating of domestic facilities and general refurbishment works.

BSP Contracts Ltd Services

All work is carried out by fully trained and experienced operatives, so you can be sure of complete satisfaction and peace of mind with BSP Contracts Ltd. We even offer services to inspect your building for:

  • Blocked gutters
  • Build up of debris
  • Dirt retention
  • Mould growth
  • Drilling swarf, rivet systems
  • Condition fasteners
  • Corrosion of cut edges
  • General deterioration of finish

BSP Contracts Ltd can carry out work all over Ireland, the UK and Europe. To find out more about BSP roofing and painting contractors Ireland, please contact us on 028 3026 3792 (or 048 3026 3792 from the south of Ireland) or e-mail us at